19 Sep 2023
11:00 am ET

Ethics and compliance (E&C) teams don’t have it easy. Enabling people — with different backgrounds, skills, knowledge and experiences — to navigate countless risks on a daily basis feels like an impossible mission.

We want to show you how we create compliance training and coaching experiences that connect to learners across the board, no matter who they are.

Learning Pool technology lets you put people at the heart of your ethics and compliance training strategy. We create training that treats employees as individuals, which means delivering 1:1 learning at scale. Fully adaptive training, tailored and personalized, and delivered based on individual learning needs. Let us show you our technology in action.

We’re helping you transform your E&C Learning program with smarter personalized training. Join Keith Winer, director of solutions, and Rachel Creighton director, business development, to learn about proven strategies on what makes Learning Pool the smarter eLearning solution.

Join us to learn:

  • How we help create 1:1 learning experiences at scale.
  • What “true adaptive” learning is, and how we use it to save 30% in seat time.
  • How to transform learning data into behavioral insight.
  • How clients are using artificial intelligence and automation to help employees master concepts.
  • What goes into 26-time award-winning E&C learning technology.