Leaders have the impression that once organizational changes are made, people will naturally follow. While change may be triggered by external factors, the individual change process is deeply personal and internal, emerging from critical reflection, self-awareness and self-motivation.

Jez Benton, chief executive officer of Canvas Leadership, explores transformative change from a new perspective. Whether he is at the top of a mountain with inspiring leaders who share their “route to the top” or in conference rooms with clients developing change management strategies. Listen to powerful stories of transformational change and the power of aligning personal motivation with organizational strategy.

This interactive session will explore Canvas’s Transformative Learning framework as a condition for managing change. Brought to life through leadership stories, taken from Jez Benton’s podcast featuring CEO’s on their route to the top.

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Jez Benton, Chief Executive Officer, Canvas Leadership

Jez Benton is chief executive officer of Canvas Leadership, a transformative learning, leadership and culture change community, putting people at the center of systemic change and transformation. Jez is also CEO and host of the podcast “Route to the Top.” He designs award-winning leadership and talent development programs aligned to strategic drivers, core business issues and business/culture transformation. He is a sought-after consultant on best practices in leadership and culture change. At Canvas, Jez excels at building trust and forming long-term partnerships with CEO’s, chief human resources officers, chief talent offices, chief learning officers and their teams in global multinational companies where talent and leadership development are key drivers of business growth.

A dual citizen (U.K./U.S.) living in the U.S., Jez has a global mindset and has worked with diverse populations around the world. Jez is also an adventurer, he summited Everest at 6.22AM on June 4th, 2005!