Virtual selling is here to stay. According to new research from McKinsey, 80% of B2B buyers prefer virtual engagements to in-person ones. Regardless of your company’s remote work policy, sellers must adapt to a new way of working to succeed. Your organization will need to find new ways to train and enable sellers in a virtual-first, hybrid world.

Join this Training Industry Leader Talk session to hear George Donovan, chief revenue officer at Allego, discuss how sales enablement teams can empower their reps with the resources they need to hit their numbers and find virtual selling success.

This interactive session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Adapting sales to a virtual buying environment.
  • Optimizing live, virtual meetings to ensure reps are making the most of every “face-to-face” interaction.
  • Training your reps to maintain buyer engagement at every stage of the selling process.
  • How the right digital learning and enablement technology can set your team up for virtual selling success.


George Donovan, Chief Revenue Officer, Allego

George Donovan is responsible for Allego’s customer acquisition and sales goals. A proven sales leader with over 20 years of sales, marketing, operations and management experience, George is a sales enablement enthusiast who loves tools and systems that empower people. Prior to Allego, George served as the chief sales officer of Compete. George holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Saint Anselm College.