In the wake of a global pandemic, corporate learning has changed forever. Agility is no longer a buzzword that companies aspire to in an imagined future. Now, it’s a requirement for a future-ready workforce. Gone are the days of flying teams to conference centers once a year for training without also providing regular, continuous learning in the flow of work.

In the Leader Talk “Digital Transformation and the Future of Work,” it’s critical to also include training transformation as a key element to the bigger picture. This session will discuss how ongoing eLearning enables true agility as well as enhances individual and collective performance.

This interactive session will offer insights on:

  • Why eLearning drives an agile business.
  • New realities of upskilling and reskilling.
  • How technology is at the core of agility.



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Samantha Lang, Marketing Content Director, SAP Litmos

Samantha Lang is the marketing content director for SAP Litmos. She has contributed to B2B software marketing teams for nearly 20 years, specializing in messaging, content creation, branding and creative strategy. She entered the eLearning industry in 2015, when she joined Litmos, and continues to grow her interest and knowledge in the space. She holds a bachelor of arts in English from Fordham University and an master of fine arts in Creative Writing from American University.