Wednesday, June 9 | 12:00 – 12:45 p.m. E.T.

Mindset can make or break leaders. It determines how they interact with colleagues, approach problems and decisions, and view the future. It impacts every aspect of how they show up and whether or not they succeed at work. Having studied leadership mindset extensively, Dion Leadership found a wide range of dimensions, descriptors and points of view that detail its importance to personal, educational and professional achievement.

During this presentation, Steve Dion distills that research into a modern leadership model: the six elements of leadership mindset.

This interactive session will provide rich insights and actionable strategies on:

  • Each of the six elements of leadership mindset.
  • Research that supports leadership mindset, why it is important and how it enables skillsets.
  • Integrating leadership mindset into your leadership development program.

Participants attending this webinar will also receive access to a complimentary, “Six Elements of a Leadership Mindset” e-book.

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Steve Dion, Founder and CEO, Dion Leadership
Steve Dion is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Dion Leadership, a leadership and organization development consulting firm based in Michigan.

Steve has dedicated his career to understanding and improving organizational cultures through the creation and deployment of innovative assessment, leadership and team development programs. His passion for improving businesses through harnessing the power of their people has led him to work with many progressive, global Fortune 1000 organizations. Serving in corporate roles for over 25 years, Steve leverages his real-world experience as a chief human resources (HR) officer and global business leader to provide leadership and organizational development consulting to organizations large and small, across a wide variety of industries. He has spent a decade building a talented team of over 50 expert coaches and consultants who are similarly passionate and work tirelessly to bring Dion Leadership’s programs to life. Steve has numerous certifications in organizational, team, and individual diagnostic tools and assessments. Today, he spends much of his time coaching and working with C-level executives to craft customized, long-term and broad-based leadership and culture development programs.

Steve is a regular contributor to CEO World Magazine, Training Industry and HRCI’s HR Leads Business Blog. Steve and his Dion Leadership colleagues are currently working on the development of a new series of training products that support work-life alignment. You can reach Steve by email at, or he invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn.