With our continuously disruptive environment, you can’t future proof your content strategy, however there are four foundational elements that can enable a future-ready content strategy. A skills framework provides a scalable structure for the skills of tomorrow. A modern knowledge management architecture enables learners to contribute and access content. A learner-centric design process ensures ruthless relevance. And a proactive innovation approach seamlessly integrates new technologies.

During this interactive session, Matt Donovan, chief learning and innovation officer of GP Strategies, will explore how these elements, when combined, can help future-ready your content strategy.

In this interactive session, attendees will learn how:

  • A robust skills ontology provides a foundation for your content strategy.
  • A modern knowledge management approach enables learners to access content when and where they need it.
  • A learner-centric design approach promotes ruthlessly relevant content for learners.
  • Building innovation as a capability enables successful integration of new technologies and methodologies.



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Matt Donovan, Chief Learning and Innovation Officer, GP Strategies

Senior vice president and chief learning and innovation officer, Matt Donovan, is a recognized name in learning, bringing more than 25 years of experience crafting learner-centric solutions and leading high-impact development teams. Not only has he received a large assortment of industry awards, including being named one of Training Magazine’s Top 10 International Trainers under 40, his articles are regularly published and presented at a variety of national and international conferences.

In his current role, Matt has collaboratively implemented and grown GP Strategies’ Innovation Kitchen focusing on connecting the art of the possible with the business of the viable. You will often find him presenting at global industry conferences or writing articles for industry-specific publications.

In his former role as the global leader for Digital Learning Strategies and Solutions, Matt led a diverse global team responsible for creating an extensive portfolio of engaging learning experiences employed by Fortune Global 500 companies. Many of these courses have received industry awards and recognition.