It’s no secret that the majority of buyers these days prefer virtual sales interactions. Yet too many sellers continue to provide impersonal and disorganized virtual buying experiences — they haven’t cracked the code to virtual selling success.

In this talk, Jon Carlson, vice president of marketing at SalesHood, will explain why better sales enablement is the key to building a more successful virtual selling engine and — if deployed correctly — how it can create a faster, smarter and more satisfying buying experience for everyone involved.

This interactive session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • How to keep your virtual sales teams trained and aligned.
  • How to create and activate content that’s tailored for every stage of the buying cycle.
  • How to move away from emails and “Zoom” calls to deliver more engaging, organized and effective virtual buying journeys.

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Jon Carlson, Vice President of Marketing, SalesHood

Jon Carlson is a marketing leader with a proven track record of generating demand and achieving growth in industries ranging from sales training to over-the-top TV streaming to marketing and advertising technology. At SalesHood, Jon is vice president of marketing, overseeing demand, operations, public relations and content marketing efforts to ensure the company continually hits its targets and helps revenue teams around the world activate their excellence.