To create engaging learning experiences, it takes a strong partnership between art and science. The art, or visual design, of learning is an equal partner to the science, but many times it’s not viewed as a critical part of the process. As learning professionals, you’re well-versed in the science of learning and incorporate vital principles into your learning strategy, but what design principles or elements do you incorporate into your strategy?

During this talk presented by d’Vinci Interactive, your speakers, Jenny Fedullo, director of learning solutions, and Melissa Wimbish, visual art director, will discuss how they bring art and science together to create amazing learning experiences.

This interactive session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Tools and processes to inform the design strategy.
  • Incorporating brand standards into the design.
  • Using design elements to make memorable learning experiences.


Jenny Fedullo, Director of Learning Solutions, d’Vinci Interactive

Jenny Fedullo leads the d’Vinci Learning Solutions team to provide innovative, learner-focused solutions that improve performance. She has a passion for using engaging content and technology to make learners and clients successful. Jenny has held several training and development positions throughout her career and knows how training can impact an individual’s performance, a department’s results and a company’s bottom line. Jenny holds a Bachelor of Science in accounting and management from Lock Haven University and has numerous certifications in training management and instructional design.

Melissa Wimbish, Visual Art Director, d’Vinci Interactive

Melissa Wimbish designs interactive interfaces, infographics, illustrations and other engaging visuals that are part of d’Vinci’s learning experiences. Throughout her years in the field, she has designed and developed for clients across many different industries. Melissa holds an associate degree in graphic design from Harrisburg Area Community College.