Wednesday, May 12 | 11:00 – 11:45 a.m. E.T.

Three different clients from three different industries had vastly different business challenges and learning objectives. However, they have one thing in common: they all achieved high-quality outcomes using immersive learning strategies. From a 400% return on investment (ROI) to $588,000 in savings, perceptions of virtual reality (VR) being too expensive and too complicated are being proven wrong 

John Blackmon, the chief technology officer of eLearning Brothers, will share examples from transition associates for Fendi, Illumina Interactive in the nonprofit sector, and Vanderbilt University’s School of Nursing. Gain easytounderstand insights on: 

  • Configuring production environments. 
  • Authoring and developing immersive learning courses. 
  • Collecting metrics that demonstrate ROI. 

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John Blackmon, Chief Technology Officer, eLearning Brothers
John Blackmon brings decades of engineering and management expertise in the eLearning industry to his role as chief technology officer of eLearning Brothers, a global provider of templates, custom design, authoring and learning management tools, and training for professionals everywhere. Previously chief executive officer of Trivantis, John has worked with a variety of brands and was involved in development and strategy for TrivantisBocaSoft, Electronic Data Systems and IBM. He led the development of the leading authoring tool, Lectora, and the virtual reality course builder, CenarioVR. His efforts led to the filing of two separate patents in software and responsive course design. John holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology.