We are all fighting the same uphill battle—making corporate training engaging and sticky so employees apply it long after the session is over. An under-utilized tactic to achieve this goal is using microlearning principles combined with innovative technology to make your training more compelling and fun for your learners, and yield results that prove learning is retained and applied. 

In this talk, we will discuss best practices in creating microlearning and reinforcement programs that allow employees to consume training in the flow of work. We will also detail how this learning format provides measurable results and sustained behavior change. 

This interactive session will provide easy-to-understand insights on: 

  • Microlearning best practices 
  • Using learning technology to create lasting behavior change 
  • Measuring corporate learning success 


J.R. Otamendi, Learning Architect, Mindmarker
J.R. is the learning architect at Mindmarker. He’s an expert in learning and development and possesses an extensive background in the creation, delivery and facilitation of training programs with an emphasis on learning reinforcement and behavioral change. He’s widely recognized for his high energy, fun personality and passion to assist others. When not working, you can find J.R. celebrating the many recent championship titles that have come to his beloved city of Tampa Bay!
John Becker, Head of Product, Mindmarker
John is head of product at Mindmarker and is responsible for our product strategy and execution. Before Mindmarker, he held various leadership roles at Cengage, Iron Mountain, Liberty Mutual and McKinsey & Co. John has a Bachelor of Science from Purdue and a Master of Business Administration from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. When not constructing the next generation of microlearning technology, John enjoys skiing (snow only) and competing in triathlons.
Melissa Magerer, Marketing Manager, Mindmarker
Melissa is the marketing manager at Mindmarker where she assists in the creation and implementation of our marketing strategy. Prior to Mindmarker, Melissa held marketing roles in various sectors from a marketing agency serving higher education to nonprofit and financial services. Melissa has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and an Associate of Arts from Massachusetts Bay Community College. When not at work, Melissa enjoys boating and wake surfing in the summer, loudly cheering on the Patriots every fall, and huddling at home by a fire in the winter.