There’s a talent shortage, and organizations everywhere are tightening budgets. However, companies still need to drive engagement and performance, so filling skill gaps in their existing teams has become a necessity. Whether your organization is focused on targeted skill development or a broader initiative, there are plans you can put in place today to see big successes with a limited team.

Register for actionable best practices on:

  • Determining where the skill gaps are in your organization.
  • Identifying success criteria.
  • Building out a skills development program.
  • Real-life examples of upskilling successes.



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Kelly Wiggins, Client Experience Manager, BizLibrary

Kelly Wiggins has dedicated her career to serving clients. At BizLibrary, as both a client success manager and client experience manager, she has provided guidance and support to hundreds of BizLibrary clients. By understanding business challenges and goals, she enables clients to align tools and resources to create programs that drive change. With a focus on your top priorities, she is responsible for ensuring a successful launch and a quick time to value from your decision to partner with us.