Wednesday, May 12 | 3:00 – 3:45 p.m. E.T.

Experiential learning used to be a nice-to-have, especially in business training. Today, its become a business enabler. No matter how interesting product is, if we can’t get employees to learn and experiment with it themselves, our training won’t stick. In this remote, digital world, we must keep our audiences engaged with real-world, hands-on training.  

During this talk, Jon Allbin – enterprise sales executive at CloudShare – will share the essential pillars of delivering effective training experiences that engage your audience. Breaking down the buzzwords and redefining modern training experiences, Jon will discuss the role and importance of experiential learning in the workplace and offer a few valuable insights on: 

  • Defining a “good” training experience. 
  • Must-have tips for delivering engaging training. 
  • Measuring training’s impact and performance to evaluate return on investment. 

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Jon Allbin, Enterprise Sales Executive, CloudShare
Jon Allbin is an enterprise sales executive at CloudShare. He is responsible for helping prospects and customers from startups and large enterprise organizations drive higher customer acquisition and retention by leveraging CloudShare’s business acceleration platform to provide engaging, hands-on virtual and remote learning experiences. Jon brings a rich set of interpersonal and technical knowledge to his work, having held a variety of international customer-facing positions in both consumer and high-tech organizations. Jon is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.