Today’s learning environment is more challenging than ever. The software industry has developed a number of practices to understand users and their behavior. Learning leaders can leverage those best practices and insights to create a human-centered learning experience.

Join this talk to hear Sean Osborne, SVP of product growth and strategy, and Alan Underwood, lead user experience designer at Meridian Knowledge Solutions, share how to leverage the framework of software development practices to engage learners and improve the learner experience.

This interactive session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Key best practices from software design to engage learners.
  • Why usability at scale has the same problems as training at scale.
  • Leveraging reporting insights for continuous improvement.



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Sean Osborne, SVP, Product and Growth and Strategy, Meridian Knowledge Solutions

Sean Osborne is a seasoned product leader and strategist who brings extensive experience in enterprise software products that delight customers in government and regulated industries to Meridian Knowledge Solutions. Sean began his career on the bleeding edge of mobile software at Reality Mobile before moving to Ellucian to manage its student recruitment product and then to Acendre to run its global talent management solutions. A creative and pragmatic problem-solver with an ability to read dynamic market situations, Sean is leading Meridian’s cross-functional teams to deliver the company’s next-generation LMS, built to help organizations enrich the learning experience for employees as well as external learner communities.

Alan Underwood, Lead User Experience Designer, Meridian Knowledge Solutions

Alan Underwood is a UX powerhouse with more than 20 years of design experience across various domains. He brings best practices including design thinking, Lean UX, AI/ML, and other industry-standard tools to Meridian. His diverse experience from IBM’s Cloud and Cognitive Software Division, Progress, iContact and other leading SaaS providers will help drive engagement with learners through interaction patterns that reduce friction and user cognitive load on complex workflows and user goals. Alan is leading Meridian to the next level of usability and human-centered design by providing meaningful experiences that delight our customers.