Is your sales team practicing their pitch in a realistic environment? Traditional methods, such as in-person training and webinars do not necessarily translate to stellar performance in the field. Instead of requiring traditional learning methods and begging your team to study, why not present them with an immersive, 360-degree sales experience where they can give their pitch and prove their skills?

Join Domenic Caloia from ELB Learning to understand what a more engaging, powerful and effective sales training experience looks like — and why it works! Highlights include:

  • How 360 immersive learning simulates a realistic environment.
  • How AI can give performance feedback.
  • How you can document improvement at scale.



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Domenic Caloia, Learning Solutions Engineer, ELB Learning

Domenic Caloia is a frequent eLearning presenter known for creating innovative learning experiences. Domenic developed the Learner Intelligence Adaptive Design model for creating personalized learning without AI.