More and more technologies are incorporating the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to drive performance and improve efficiency. The benefits are readily apparent, from saving time to increasing engagement and improving results. The challenge is how to combine multiple technologies to achieve training goals.

In this webinar, Domenic Caloia, learning solutions engineer, discusses different ways AI is being used and their impact on learning. Then he’ll take a solutions approach to build a flexible learning framework for optimizing employee performance. 

This interactive session will help learning leaders:

  • Explain the strengths and limitations of AI.
  • Apply a solutions approach to learning experience design.
  • Identify the best tools to meet training objectives.



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Domenic Caloia, Learning Solutions Engineer, ELB Learning

Domenic Caloia is a frequent eLearning presenter known for creating innovative learning experiences. Domenic developed the Learner Intelligence Adaptive Design model for creating personalized learning without AI.