There is a lot of talk about digital transformation and how it will affect the future of work, but there is less talk about how the outcomes of transformation depend on successful adoption — by humans. This session will examine the human side of the transformation equation and what it takes to drive technology adoption in the future of work.

In this session, Linda Lamppert, director of technology adoption at GP Strategies, will explore the who, what, where and how in the future of work. Linda will also share strategies to ensure your people solutions evolve to drive the adoption of technology in this brave new world.

This interactive session will provide key takeaways on:

  • How the future of work is changing our workforce and what this means for technology adoption.
  • Why old learning and performance support solutions won’t work anymore.
  • Three changes you need to make to your traditional approach to effectively drive adoption for today’s workforce.



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Linda Lamppert, Director of Technology Adoption, GP Strategies

Linda Lamppert has over 25 years of experience working in the human performance technology field, helping clients improve the overall performance of their organizations and employees. In addition to a strong background in instructional systems design, she has over 25 years of experience designing and delivering solutions for companies implementing traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cloud-based systems. Linda’s solutions typically include modern learning approaches, online performance support, business process reengineering and change management. Most recently, she has been focusing on people-centric challenges associated with global process and digital transformations as well as with use of modern learning strategies to drive platform adoption.