Did you know that agile development is no longer just for software developers? The Learning and Development industry is hopping on board as this modern instructional design process is proving to be more effective! 

Gone are the days of old-school, long-winded content creation processes. Learners expect their content served on-demand and in a modern format. Your SMEs could be recording “how-to” videos on their smartphones and sharing with learners on the fly, including multi-lingual captions. 

Join Dr. Christian Weibell, Ph.D., and Jon Tota from eLearning Brothers to find out how modern learner expectations have helped evolve the role of an instructional designer. Highlights include: 

  • Why organizations are seeing better results with peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. 
  • Why learners’ expectations of content have changed, and you can take advantage of it. 
  • How to facilitate a modern agile content creation process. 


Dr. Christian Weibell, Ph.D., Chief Product Officer, eLearning Brothers
With a B.S. in Computer Science, a Ph.D. in Instructional Psychology and Technology and 25 years in high tech software development, Christian provides a very passionate but informed perspective to envision, define and drive technology-enabled innovation in learning and development. He is most widely known for his Principles-of-Learning Framework, which articulates seven principles on which all learning is based, and provides a foundation for the development of domain-specific theories of learning (principlesoflearning.org). This framework and its background research serves as a reference to thousands of unique visitors each week, from all seven continents and nearly every country in the world. 
Jon Tota, Rockstar Learning Evangelist, eLearning Brothers
Jon Tota began his career in financial services as a technology trainer for PaineWebber and UBS before co-founding Edulence in 2002 and creating KnowledgeLink as one of the first subscription-based online training services. Under Jon’s leadership, the team at Edulence innovated the LMS model and scaled Knowledgelink to serve several hundred thousand annual users in multiple verticals. In 2020, Edulence was acquired by eLearning Brothers and Knowledgelink has evolved into the new Rockstar Learning Platform, offering the latest innovations in learning experience. Jon now serves as the company’s Rockstar Learning Evangelist, speaking on learning experience design topics and educating our customers on how to leverage eLearning Brothers solutions to create eLearning experiences that rock!