Tuesday, June 15 | 1:00 – 1:45 p.m. E.T.

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that it’s time to throw out preconceived notions about the limitations of online learning, and leadership development is no exception. Not only can it be more effective, digital training opens up development opportunities to leaders at all levels across all geographies. As we embark on an era of hybrid work in a highly competitive market for skills – no leader can be left behind.

In this co-hosted session, Audrey Witters, managing director of online and entrepreneurship programs executive education at Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), and Charlie Chung, NovoEd’s vice president of business development, share their experiences in offering corporate leadership training in a dynamic online program format.

This dynamic session will provide insights on the keys to high-impact online learning, including how to:

  • Enable a learn and apply – and reflect, improve then reapply – cycle for real-time impact.
  • Cultivate community and foster collaboration to strengthen deep capability building.
  • Integrate human feedback and allow for the iteration and dialogue, which are key to developing soft skills.


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Juan Moran, Senior Solutions Consultant, NovoEd
Juan is a seasoned education technology consultant, analyzing business problems and offering strategies and tools to solve them. Currently, Juan serves as an expert and evangelist on using NovoEd platform capabilities and technology to create high-impact learning experiences. He enjoys learning about his customers’ constituents, systems, processes, metrics, and desired outcomes.
Audrey Witters, Managing Director of Online and Entrepreneurship Executive Education, The Stanford Graduate School of Business
Audrey Witters is the managing director of online and entrepreneurship executive education at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In this role, she has overseen the launch of the flagship Stanford LEAD program – as well as multiple other online products – cumulatively reaching thousands of executives each year. Ms. Witters has been involved in creating and studying online communities since the early 1990s, in contexts ranging from the federal government to online gaming and is inspired by the idea of using technology to meaningfully connect people around the world. She has worked in higher education since 2002 and, with the recent acceleration of social and networking technologies, she sees tremendous opportunities for high-impact social learning. Ms. Witters resides in San Jose, California, loves music and celebration of all kinds, and relishes the challenges and rewards of raising three teenage boys.