Building content for the future starts with your ability to understand what the learner wants today. However, with the diversity of learners in the workplace and the rapid changes in learner patterns, knowing what they want is just half the battle. Join us to learn how to combine a learner-centric approach with personalization and scalable content to truly future-proof your learning content.

During this session, your speakers, Nolan Hout, vice president of marketing at Infopro Learning and Carol Cohen, learning strategist at Infopro Learning, will share how to create a learner-centric content strategy that adopts to the learners you have today, and rapidly adapts to your learners of the future.

In this interactive fireside chat, attendees will learn:

  • Why a learner-centric approach is important.
  • How to build content that scales rapidly.
  • How branding training programs can help with memory recall.



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Carol Cohen, Learning Strategist, Infopro Learning

Carol Cohen is a learning strategist at Infopro Learning and a fourth-generation educator whose passion for teaching led to a career in corporate sales training and certification. She considers it her mission to enable the success of others through creative and engaging learning and practice.

Through her entire career span of 20 years, she has managed both complex projects with many resources and large budgets as well as smaller projects. Usually, these projects were long-term and represented a lifecycle of design, development and maintenance in response to the learning audience needs. Her focus has always been student-centered learning (now often referred to as participant-centered learning), games in learning and social learning. Designing and developing innovative and engaging eLearning is what energizes her the most! Most recently, her focus has been on performance-based sales certification, establishing a competency model for many roles and developing the courses and exams to support it. She recently designed and developed a very effective onboarding program targeted for the remote worker.

Nolan Hout, Vice President of Marketing, Infopro Learning

Nolan Hout is vice president of marketing of Infopro Learning and is a seasoned marketing expert with extensive experience in all aspects of marketing, including strategy, digital marketing and more. He spends most of his time in the learning and development (L&D) industry conducting marketing research to identify the most critical challenges. He leverages this data to create cutting-edge learning solutions that boost business performance and return on investment (ROI).