Wednesday, June 8 | 12:00 – 12:45 p.m. E.T.

How skilled is your sales team at connecting — really connecting — on a human level with customers? The trend toward increased sales enablement is well intended and can play an important role for sales teams in today’s virtual selling environment. However, unfortunately this can also lead to sales teams feeling largely overwhelmed by too many technologies and tools. As a result, sales reps spend more time logging data or reciting product feature scripts than actually engaging in real-life conversations with customers.

In this interactive session, speaker Bruce Wedderburn, chief sales officer of Integrity Solutions, will address the disconnect in sales enablement and why it’s causing sales reps to become too distracted, thus asking ineffective questions and, too often, missing important cues about customer needs that could have created better rapport.

Join us for practical insights and discussion on:

  • Why the key to sales isn’t the technologies you’re using, but the human connections being made.
  • Three critical conversations that will help your sales team achieve their 2022 numbers.
  • Ways to address not just the “how” of selling, but also the “why.”
  • How to put a values and ethics approach front and center.
  • Specific strategies for re-humanizing the sales process and gaining greater customer engagement.


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Bruce Wedderburn, Chief Sales Officer, Integrity Solutions

Bruce Wedderburn has led the Integrity Solutions sales organization for over six years with a passion for creating impactful results for clients through the successful execution of customer-led sales and customer experience strategies. He has over 25 years’ global experience in the sales performance improvement industry building, coaching and directing sales teams and distribution channels to surpass growth targets. In previous roles, he was a leading sales person and senior sales leader for MHI Global, Huthwaite and Dale Carnegie Training. Originally from Australia, Bruce lives with his wife and children in the Washington D.C. area.

Donna Horrigan, Vice President of Client Development, Integrity Solutions

Donna Horrigan has 25 years’ experience partnering with clients to drive business outcomes through performance improvement learning solutions. She is an experienced sales professional, leader, collaborator and trusted advisor specializing in organizational change and long-term improvement. A steadfast client advocate, Donna brings passion and infectious enthusiasm to all her client engagements. Donna makes it her mission to help companies implement resilient talent management strategies by developing and retaining their most precious assets – their people and clients.