The strategic role of learning and development (L&D) must begin at new hire training. More than just getting employees oriented in a fragmented learning experience, onboarding should engage new hires and their leaders, creating a structured learning environment that extends well beyond the first few weeks on the job. But how can you create a connected learning path that provides a personalized experience to all stakeholders?

In this session, Manoj Kulkarni, chief executive officer of Realizeit, will discuss making onboarding more strategic with less effort. Explore how technology can help you engage new hires as they see their learning journey connected to the skills needed from day one.

This interactive session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Creating a personalized learning path that delivers properly skilled new hires.
  • Engaging new hires in learning with less effort and supporting them along the way.
  • Mitigating new hire risk through skill validation and continuing to build new skills over extended onboarding.



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Manoj Kulkarni, Chief Executive Officer, Realizeit

Manoj Kulkarni leads all aspects of Realizeit’s commercial development and operations globally. He has a long tenure as a senior executive providing transformational leadership in high volume, global businesses in education, technology and retail sectors. He is the former chief technology officer for Career Education Corporation, where he pioneered the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI)-based personalized learning across large scale ground and online institutions powered by Realizeit’s technology. His work at Career Education has resulted in numerous awards and accolades for educational technology (edtech) innovation from Information Week, Computerworld and others.