Competency models can identify what people in a particular role need to do for the organization to succeed, and act as a competitive advantage by providing each person with a roadmap on how to be great. This is especially important since learning and development (L&D) leaders’ are tasked with creating the best opportunity possible for learning transfer so that required skills are acquired and business objectives achieved. The key to this success: experiential, competency-based learning.

During this talk, your speaker, Tony Charles, chief executive officer of SkillDirector, will show you the process for mapping competency-based learning, including informal learning.

This session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Linking competency models to existing learning opportunities.
  • Using competency models to identify learning opportunities you need to develop.
  • Keeping your content mapping current.



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Tony Charles, Chief Executive Officer, SkillDirector

Tony Charles is chief executive officer of SkillDirector. From P&G to SkillDirector, Tony has spent the past 25 years building highly effective teams powered by an insatiable appetite for continuous improvement and believes that the only way for business to thrive today is to embrace learning agility as a corporate strategy. Tony joined SkillDirector for one reason — to enable the full potential of every employee, an ambition that he believes is worth pursuing every day.