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Criteria for Selecting the Right Sales Training Partner

5 min read
A good sales training partner will ask questions to determine your company’s training objectives, then present a solution based on what they’ve learned. At that point, you’ll review the proposal and rate how well the potential partner aligns.

Optimizing Learning Through Training Partnerships

Sponsored6 min read
Training organizations should look to leverage external partnerships to support learning services to meet the expectations of high-performing organizations and provide a competitive advantage.

The State of the Learning Services Market

Managed learning services, also known as training outsourcing, refers to the outsourced management of training activities and/or processes. This report explores critical learning services that are essential for rolling out a successful training project.

How Outsourcing Is Shaping Modern Learning

4 min read
Over the past several years, learning and development (L&D) organizations have experienced a seismic shift that has had a significant effect on reskilling, upskilling and outsourcing.