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The basic principle of overlearning is that if you do anything over and over again, it becomes part of your long-term memory. In the workplace, employees benefit from overlearning, because it makes them more reliable members of the team.

5 Ways to Improve Learning and Retention

2 min read
With all the time and effort it takes to design and develop quality training programs, what can you do to increase the odds that learners will remember what you teach them? Here are five ways you can improve learning — and make it stick.

3 Keys to Valuable Growth and Development

3 min read
Have you ever participated in a learning experience that caused you to struggle to connect to the purpose? Maybe you’ve walked into training and thought, “I’ve seen this model used before!” Here are three keys to create engaging learning...

How to Script Training Videos

4 min read
How often do you close a video within a few seconds because it isn’t engaging enough? If you do it, your learners probably do, too. So, how can you make sure your content is interesting, engaging and informative?