Training Industry continuously monitors the training marketplace looking for the best providers of services/technologies in support of corporate learning and development. This third annual list is designed to help buy-side organizations in their search for training delivery platforms.

While many systems offer means through which to distribute content, this award category surveyed platforms that could be licensed by a company as a standalone product to deliver training content to learners. The platform has features and capabilities and in addition to delivering content, it provides analytics and reporting.

Selection of the Top 20 Training Delivery Companies was based on the following:

  • Value of platform features and capabiltiies
  • Quality of analytics and reporting
  • Company size and growth potential
  • Quality of clients
  • Geographic and vertical reach

In order to be considered for a nomination to a Top Companies List, participating companies must submit a comprehensive application survey and meet other Top Company List specific requirements. makes an effort to reach out to as many companies as possible within a given market segment. Our goal is to present you, the reader, with the most comprehensive Top Companies List in the industry.

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Due to the diversity of  products and services, no attempt is made to rank the Top 20.

Top 20 Companies

Watchlist Companies


As part of our commitment to continuously monitor the training marketplace for the best providers and services, we announce the Training Delivery Companies Watch Lists.

Each company who participates undergoes extensive research, including thorough analysis of their capabilities, experience and expertise. The end result is a list that acknowledges companies poised to capture share in the training delivery marketplace.

Due to the diversity of courses and offerings included in training delivery platforms, no attempt is made to rank the companies.

  • Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Redmond, Washington

  • St. Louis, Missouri

  • Liverpool, Merseyside United Kingdom

  • Sau Paulo, Brazil

  • Ottawa, Ontario Canada

  • Fairfield, New Jersey

  • Singapore

  • Morrisville, North Carolina

  • Baltimore, Maryland

  • Toronto, Ontario Canada

  • Mississauga, Ontario Canada

  • Edinburgh Scotland

  • Houston, Texas