A Top 20 company is an organization that is recognized as a leading provider in a given training sector. These companies distinguish themselves by offering innovative products and services that meet the needs of a wide range of client organizations. Depending on the quantity and quality of applicants, we supplement some of our Top 20 award with a Watch List. A Watch List company is a provider with emerging or unique strengths and capabilities.

Interested in being considered a Top Training Company?

Training Industry announces awards for specific training sectors on an annual basis. For more information about applying for a Training Industry award, visit our FAQ page.

Next Available: Top Employee Health, Safety & Wellness Application
Opens: June 16

Health and safety training include materials relating to precautionary procedures and parameters for safety and wellness on the job. In addition to training content to mitigate risk, health and safety programs often include a component relating to overall employee wellness topics – such as sleep, exercise, mindfulness and meditation. Health and safety and compliance training provide safety and regulatory compliance training content, courses and programs, and instruction for corporate learning and development.

Who should apply: Providers that offer training courses and programs that focus on occupational health and safety; Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) training; employee wellness; education on laws, regulations and policies; and more.

2021 Training Industry Top Training Company Award Categories:
• Experiential Learning Technologies
• Leadership Training
• Sales Training & Enablement
• Training Outsourcing
• Custom Content Development
• Online Learning Library
• Learning Experience Platform (LXP)
• Employee Health, Safety & Wellness
• Learning Management System (LMS)
• IT Training
• Assessment & Evaluation
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How do you find the best training partner to develop talent within your organization, or deliver the most effective programs to your valued customers?

At Training Industry, it’s our business to know what makes a great training company.

We recognize a select group of companies in each sector as a Top 20 Training Company, representing overall sector leadership, or as a Watch List company, representing emerging or unique strengths or capabilities. Our lists of top training companies are based on extensive research, interactions with companies around the world, and thorough analysis of the capabilities, experience, and expertise of hundreds of learning organizations. Our goal is to help you find the right training partner and to deliver on our mission to create a more efficient marketplace for learning.