Workshop Session | Wednesday, June 27 | 1:55 – 2:40 p.m.
Track: Content Development

In today’s digital age, how can you keep your learners engaged? Live training is becoming rarer; e-learning seems to annoy everyone; and conference calls/webinars are so 2000. Where can we turn to deliver engaging content? Microlearning! Microlearning enables us to deliver concise content, via video, in less than five minutes. Here’s the challenge: we’re instructional designers, facilitators and leaders, not video producers. During this session, you will walk away with tangible, actionable and implementable steps to start building a microlearning lab. Join Steve Shorey as he walks you through his journey from knowing nothing about microlearning to becoming an expert.

What will you learn?

  • How to define microlearning success
  • Identify required equipment and “nice to have” equipment
  • Budgeting, topic creation and the do’s and don’ts for microlearning


Steve Shorey, Owner, EFBG Consulting
Steve Shorey, CPTM, LUTCF, FSS, is a learning and development professional who has held leadership roles in companies such as Allstate, DIRECTV, and CDW. His depth and breadth of knowledge crosses the fields of instructional design, sales, leadership and philosophy, which has enabled him to find new and exciting ways to bring learning back to reality. He does this by ensuring it ties directly to corporate goals and objectives. As a well-respected speaker, Steve has entertained audiences large and small with his wit, wisdom and humor all while exceeding expectations.
While at the Primex Family of Companies, Steve was tasked with creating training for hundreds of channel partners around the globe. While frantically trying to figure out what to do, he came up with a brilliant idea: micro-learnings. There were two problems: lack of experience and lack of a budget. He figured out how to develop professional videos on a small budget.
Steve leads EFBG Consulting, a firm focused on full-cycle learning and development projects, speaking engagements and voice-over work.