Workshop Session | Thursday, June 28 | 11:00 – 11:45 a.m.
Track: Learning Technologies

Games have been around forever, and we are increasingly becoming a society of gamers. But games are not just fun, they can also be deeply instructive. Research has shown that using games specifically for learning can increase retention and improve performance and problem solving versus traditional education and training. Interested in adopting games for learning but not sure how to start? This session explores and explains the benefits of gamification and learning games (and the difference between them!), best practices to employ when you design and build learning games, and hazards to avoid. You will see examples of different types of gamification. And you’ll experience, in step-by-step detail, a specific case study demonstrating how LEO Learning and LOMA created an innovative learning game that is helping insurance companies improve their customers’ experience. You’ll learn the purpose of the game and how it was designed and built. And of course, you’ll get to play!

What will you learn?

  • Why so many learning games fail.
  • What ‘games with a purpose’ are.
  • Why games are such powerful learning tools.
  • How learning in games differs from traditional learning.
  • A showcase of industry-leading examples.


Andrew Joly, Director of Learning and Strategic Design, LEO Learning
Andrew works at both a consulting and production level to get to the heart of clients’ and learners’ needs; applying innovative blends of digital media, digital tools, learning games and learning content to real results. As director of learning and strategic design, and creative director at LEO, Andrew leads the consulting faculty as well as drives the design quality across the organization.
With a background that includes TV, film, game design and branding, Andrew’s career has evolved with the learning and technology industry since its inception and he has been critical in designing, developing and delivering many of the ground-breaking learning and technology initiatives that have come out of the UK in the last two decades. His skill and experience in the design, development and implementation of world-class digital interactive content is unrivaled.
Andrew is a founding interactive member of BAFTA. He also has a BAFTA nomination and has won numerous awards including the EMMA, BIMA and Gold IVCA and many eLearning Age awards.
Gene Stone, Assistant Vice President of Instructional Design, LOMA
Based in Atlanta, GA, Gene Stone, FLMI, ACS, CLU, has spent 22 years at financial services trade association LOMA, designing and developing education products for the global industry. He began as a textbook author, then migrated to e-learning in the early 2000s. He has guided the design and development of all of LOMA’s online offerings as project manager and, most recently, assistant vice president of instructional design. Prior to his career in adult learning, Gene was a newspaper reporter.