Workshop Session | Wednesday, June 27 | 1:00 – 1:45 p.m.
Track: Leadership Development

This session will provide an opportunity to other training professionals to learn more about how to create a culture that will demonstrate intent in regard to developing leaders using the components of emotional intelligence (EQ). This session aims to answer why emotional intelligence is important in the leaders of today. Participants will engage in a class activity to better understand how they can use emotional intelligence in their own roles, why to use it in leadership development and how to get started within their own organizations.

What will you learn?

  • Recognize the four core skills needed for emotional intelligence.
  • Understand how EQ is being used to recruit, develop and retain talent.
  • Identify how to use strategies to connect on a personal level as a leader and why it’s important in relationship building.
  • Help others understand their emotional intelligence and their approach to risk, which will hopefully lead to them making better decisions.


Judi Bader, CPTM, Senior Director of Learning, Arby’s Restaurant Group
Judi Bader has over 30 years’ experience in the restaurant industry, starting as a team member and growing up through the years to above restaurant-level leadership roles, she sincerely attributes a part of her success to the great leaders who took the time to teach.
Today she serves as the senior director of learning at Arby’s Restaurant Group, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her mission being to provide leadership and training support to approximately 3,500 Arby’s restaurants, consisting of about 70,000 team members. It is her desire to see each individual become the best person they can be wherever they are on their life journey.
Tricia Inderhees, Learning & Development Manager, Cincinnati Insurance Company
As the learning and development manager at Cincinnati Insurance Company, Tricia Inderhees leads the company’s learning and development initiatives for all internal development and talent management strategies of associates. Tricia is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a B.S. in business. She has worked with her current employer for 15 years, both on the business side and operational side of the organization. Tricia is a graduate of the CPTM program, DiSC certified coach, obtained an EI credit from Miami University and represents her local chamber in a Women’s Leadership association. Tricia loves to run and spend quality time with her husband and two young children outside of work.