Workshop Session | Wednesday, June 27 | 4:05 – 4:50 p.m.
Track: Data and Measurement

We know people learn best when presented with a variety of modalities and content both inside and outside of the classroom. The challenge is finding the right combination so that learning is not overwhelming, is available when needed and integrates into the workday. Failure to do so could leave your valuable content unused and your reputation as a learning and development function damaged. Learn how to mine nontraditional data sources to build relevant and successful blended learning solutions.

What will you learn?

  • Best practices for drip-feeding learning for maximum impact.
  • Learning campaigns and how to use them for increased engagement.
  • How xAPI can help you monitor and pivot to ensure learning content relevancy.


Lori Niles-Hofmann, Chief Learning Officer, Fuse Universal
Lori Niles-Hofmann is a senior learning adviser with 15 years of global experience in industries ranging from finance, consulting and marketing. She has led through the L&D alphabet starting with the old CD-ROMs up to the LMS and onward to AR and VR. She is the author of the e-book “Data-Driven Learning Design,” which is about increasing engagement with learning content beyond measuring completions. Lori blogs regularly at