Workshop Session | Wednesday, June 27 | 1:55 – 2:40 p.m.
Track: Strategic Alignment

Learners have rights and they’re demanding learning experiences that acknowledge those rights head-on. In this session, the author of the “Declaration of Modern Learner Rights” will discuss the modern learner in detail, and how meeting their needs – how responding to their rights for great online learning – can help not just create happy learners but also seriously move the needle for the business. Manjit Sekhon will share real-world examples of how meeting each right can help L&D reach its larger business goals. “The Declaration of Modern Learner Rights” includes:

  • All adult learners are endowed with reason
  • Ruthless relevance is a justified demand
  • Expectations shall be clearly communicated
  • A learner’s contributions shall be acknowledged
  • All learner should be allowed freedom of opinion and expression as it directly relates to professional matters
  • No learner shall be compelled to do work that does not further the learning objective
  • Learning does not happen if brains are overloaded
  • Instructional designers must always ask “why”
  • Every learner has the right to a dynamic and balanced learning experience
  • No one involved in designing tech-enabled corporate learning shall forget that people are at the heart of it


Manjit Sekhon, Director, Learning Experience Design, Intrepid by VitalSource
Manjit Sekhon is the director of learning experience design at Intrepid by VitalSource. She has been in the learning field since 1999, and has a background in organizational development, performance and change management. She helps our clients reimagine what learning could look like in their organizations when they move from ILT and e-learning to social and collaborative learning journeys. A passionate defender of learner rights, she focuses on using our platform to present clear, relevant and engaging learning opportunities that immediately connect with learners’ on-the-job experiences. Manjit has been with Intrepid since 2008, as a learning consultant, manager and then director of professional services. She has an MBA in human resources management from University of Bombay.