Everything is changing. Our employees are changing, and they don’t respond the same to learning anymore. They want new delivery methods, different learning opportunities and above all, they want the organization to be engaged in more than just profit. How can you rebuild your materials and change your leadership style to accommodate this new value-driven philosophy while still maintaining results? Here is where corporate L&D can learn from the world of nonprofits. With their focus on world change, the nonprofit sector has been leading value-driven employees for decades.

Join us for this TICE Virtual Conference session. Your host, Joseph Brumley, learning manager will discuss the leadership lessons he’s learned from working in the nonprofit sector.

This interactive session will provide insights on:

  • Engaging the value-driven employee
  • Creating social good through learning
  • How to get your core organizational values into action
  • Building a management program around values


Joseph Brumley, Learning Manager, Rise Against Hunger
Joseph Brumley is the learning manager for Rise Against Hunger, a mid-size international nonprofit. He oversees, builds and manages the learning and performance function for over 150 employees scattered over the continental U.S. and partners with five international locations for learning. He has over 25 years’ experience in learning and development and has had the opportunity to work in nonprofit education, for-profit education, corporate and the nonprofit sectors in various L&D roles from training to operations to instructional design and multimedia. Joseph is passionate about research and data that helps build learning that creates real change.