Technology is great, but what are you supposed to do with it when it comes to training? In this interactive session, you will learn about some best practices for immersive training technologies that are easy to adopt, simple to use and have proven results. Come along for a journey of microlearning in role-based training, where we will explore storytelling and gamification inside compliance training and will discover quick and effective ways to include AR/VR in your programs that will allow your audience to master key objectives to perform their roles more efficiently and effectively.

Join us for this TICE Virtual Conference session. Stacy Hubiak, director of training at Teva Pharmaceuticals, will provide a learning journey exploring best-in-class innovative training strategies that include designing and developing role-based training using microlearning, gamification and AR/VR techniques.

This interactive session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Effective uses of microlearning to develop role-based training
  • Proven results using storytelling and gamification
  • Best practices in making compliance training more effective
  • New AR/VR training techniques to provide end users with on-the-job practice and simulation


Stacy Hubiak, Head of Training in Specialty R&D Systems and Standards, Specialty Clinical Development and Global Medical Affairs, Teva Pharmaceuticals
Stacy Hubiak worked in pharmaceutical training for over 18 years supporting sales and marketing, and has worked in procurement and clinical trials for the last eight years. As an instructional designer, developer and project manager, Stacy has worked with training teams to develop fit-for-purpose, enterprise-wide training programs that fit the needs of end users. Stacy received her master’s in instructional design and instructional technology from Bloomsburg University. She also taught English communications at the high school level when she was just out of college.