Thursday, September 3 | 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. E.T.

We know information, technology and experience expectations are impacting both our lives and our business outcomes. However, many companies are still unsure of how to approach and prepare their company for learning in the flow of employee’s daily work. This session will explore the critical elements of your company’s learning and development (L&D) transformation strategy and how to create a foundation for continuous and connected learning.

What you will learn:

  • Identify the three key elements needed to initiate an L&D transformation.
  • How to prepare for an L&D audit.
  • Discover benchmarks for an effective and scalable L&D operation.
  • Visualize and describe what cultivates a sustainable, holistic learning culture.


Jacqueline Bhavaraju, CPTM Jacqueline Bhavaraju, CPTM, Director of HR and Talent Management, KPMG
Jacqueline Bhavaraju is passionate about people and empowering them to grow business. She has helped businesses reimagine and execute solutions that unite leaders in creating a continuous, self-directed learning culture. Jacqueline has worked within multiple disciplines for global business transformation, including business analysis, organizational change management, and learning and development (L&D) strategy and implementation. She has also led the development of multiple training programs and delivered experience-driven learning solutions supported by an agile learning production and delivery model. Jacqueline is sensitive to the pressure organizations are under to exceed both client and employee expectations and the potential for digital and cognitive solutions to relieve that pressure.