In the 21st century, leaders must model themselves as a player coach, often responsible for a book of business or tasks that are not delegated to a staff. As a player coach, leaders have to balance getting their job done with managing a team, motivating a staff, and dealing with an ever-changing workplace, all while welcoming a new generation raised in a world far more technologically savvy than many of us.

Success in the 21st century is a combination of business strategy and well-developed leadership skills. Finding a good mentor is directly correlated to leadership success. Leadership is no longer about having the right title and the corner office, it’s about getting the best out of others while being the best you can. This interactive and fun workshop reviews the basic tenets of what good management is, and how to be effective while dealing with a constantly changing work environment.

Join us for this TICE Virtual Conference session where your host, Dr. Peter Langton, executive vice president at Pierce Aluminum, will guide you through the ever-changing 21st-century leadership environment. Being an effective leader requires many skills.

This session will provide insights on three areas that are crucial to leadership success:

  • Effective strategies for a purposeful focus on managing and leading in the 21st century
  • The value of finding and being a mentor
  • The role and value of working with, accepting and excelling with workers of all generations



Peter Langton Peter Langton, Executive Vice President, Pierce Aluminum Co Inc.
Dr. Peter Langton is an author, educator, human resource professional and executive manager. He has served as an internal consultant with specialization in organizational development and employee motivation. Peter has crossed industries and markets serving organizations in manufacturing, finance and higher education. Peter’s organizational priority is to identify and develop individuals towards peak performance and create confident leaders. Peter currently serves as the executive vice president for Pierce Aluminum. Pierce Aluminum provides one stop shopping of raw material and manufactured parts to the industrial, marine and aerospace markets in the U.S.Peter’s specializations and writing revolve around leadership development, organizational development, strategic planning, human resources, facilitation, and creating and enhancing group performance. Peter has served in executive leadership positions as well as in human resources, strategic planning, and training and development. Peter holds a bachelor’s and master’s in psychology and a doctorate in organizational leadership. Peter also serves as an adjunct professor of management and an independent learning and development consultant