Thursday, December 3 | 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. E.T.

When we hear the word data, we often think of numbers, measurements and statistics presented in graphs and charts. But, if we define data as any information that requires processing to discern meaning, we now include concepts, policies, processes, thoughts, feelings and ideas. How can we best help learners understand the data?

Tell a story. Everyone and everything has a story to tell, and our task is to discover what it is and tell it in a way that is true to data and easily understood by our audience. Once we know the story, there are many fun and effective ways to engage learners in the narrative. With so many of us working in the virtual space, this has never been more important. In this session, we will explore ways to develop stories from data and examine ways to transform stories into engaging infographics, presentations and visualizations for all learners.

What you will learn:

  • A method for using data to develop a story that will inform, persuade, entertain, motivate and inspire audiences.
  • Strategies to help visualize and tell data stories.
  • Examples of visualization that participants can use as a template or help create visuals of their own.


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Lana Gossin, Marketing Communications Specialist, NYSTEC
Learning and development is a constant theme throughout Lana Gossin’s 25-plus year career. Taking advantage of opportunities to learn, grow and achieve, she provides coaching, motivation and learning experiences that help others. Lana is in this field because she is excited to help others achieve success.
Lana is a proposal manager and marketing communications specialist for New York State Technology Enterprise Corporation (NYSTEC). This independent, not-for-profit technology consulting company uses a holistic, life-cycle approach to guide clients in planning for, acquiring and implementing the technologies that enable them to see real business outcomes.
Lana’s learning and development experience encompasses curriculum development, instructional design, performance improvement, training delivery, project management, technical editing, coaching, and the development of digital learning products and solutions. She utilizes adult learning theory and strategies to implement learning experiences and communication strategies for traditional print and digital formats, ranging from infographics and user guides to eLearning solutions and software simulations. Lana was designated as Certified Professional in Training and Development by the Association for Talent Development. She is active on the board of directors for the Capital Regional Association for Talent Development, where she serves as the vice president of programs. She is also an active member of two Toastmasters International clubs, serving as vice president of education for the Bethlehem Toastmasters Club in Delmar, New York.
Lana has worked across several industries, such as healthcare, government, disability advocacy and technology, and – like most educators – she is never done learning.