The Future of the Workforce

Thursday, March 26 | 11:00 – 12:00 p.m. EST

The World Economic Forum predicts that the digital revolution will transform the future of work and the workplace. While 75 million jobs are likely to be eliminated, as many as 133 million new jobs will be created. This “job churn” will inevitably impact a quarter of all work and will be primarily concentrated in an emerging professional cluster.

This disruption is giving rise to a growing polarization of labor-market opportunities between high- and low-skill jobs, unemployment and underemployment, stagnating incomes for a large proportion of households, and income inequality. On top of that, job readiness is an ever-moving target. By 2022, the core skills required to perform most roles will change by more than 40%. People will have to learn new skills several times over their careers to keep up. What skills do we consistently keep on our radar? Just how important is digital literacy to future success? The shape of the future workforce will be the result of complex, changing and competing forces with people at the center.

Join us for this TICE Virtual Conference session. Your presenter, Sonia Malik, learning strategist at IBM, will analyze the challenges faced by learning organizations and share her experience developing programs to counter the pervading skills shortage.

This interactive session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Why it’s critical to drive a skills revolution organizationally.
  • How learning organizations can help employees develop a diverse skill portfolio.
  • Workforce development initiatives launched by IBM.


Sonia Malik, Learning Strategist, IBM
Sonia Malik is a learning professional with over 28 years of experience spanning two continents and specializing in profit and loss management, alliance development, channel management, program management, curriculum development, product development, and business development in both corporations and large-scale learning organizations. With a background deeply rooted in learning, Sonia has dedicated her entire career to helping organizations develop learning experiences that drive strategic objectives.