Helping your new leaders grow into strategic thinkers and keeping them engaged alongside advanced leaders is a challenge facing many organizations as we welcome new generations into leadership positions. During this TICE Virtual Conference session, your host, Jennifer Olsen, senior manager, leadership at Discover Financial Services (DFS), will share how her team has maximized development for new leader transitions through internal facilitation and mentoring.

Part One
Thursday, November 1 | 12:00 – 12:30 p.m. EST

Learn how DFS is helping new leaders emerge as strategic thinkers and coaches. According to CEB, “One-third of leadership development budgets will be allocated to front-line managers in 2018 compared to only 26% last year.” Whereas first-time leader programs may be a no-brainer, DFS does it a bit differently by leveraging an internal facilitation model to provide learners with connection and continuity. This has resulted in increased engagement, reduced costs and flexibility.
Part one of this session will provide insights on:

Part one of this interactive session will provide insights on:

  • Engaging learners in and out of class
  • Increasing application through coaching
  • Providing learners with flexible learning opportunities

Part Two
Thursday, November 1 | 12:30 – 1:00 p.m. EST

During the second half of the session, Jennifer will share how DFS keeps these new leaders engaged by matching them with the right mentor. Researchers have identified three key things leaders can do to support new leaders, specifically millennials: share the big picture, help them find the “me” in team, and mentor them on career-building behaviors. Discover is piloting a mentor program, available to all new manager training participants, to create an environment of trust, belonging, understanding, support and encouragement for a diverse workforce.

Part two of this interactive session will provide insights on:

  • Equipping new leaders with resources for performing to their highest capability
  • Stimulating the engagement and development of senior leaders
  • Building bench strength early for impact and retention


Jennifer Olsen, Sr. Manager, Leadership and Talent Development, Discover Financial Solutions
As the senior manager of leadership and talent development at Discover Financial Services, Jennifer Olsen understands that leader transitions are both critical and challenging. She is committed to preparing leaders as they transition into new and expanding roles through high-impact and cost-effective learning solutions.