Thursday, November 7 | 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. EST

As many as 80% of leaders indicated their organizations were in a constant state of change. Additionally, most said those change management initiatives failed. How confident are you that your team can plan for, execute and sustain change? A coaching culture can give your organization the resilience it needs to manage change effectively.

Join us for this TICE Virtual Conference session. Your presenter, Dr. Loubna Noureddin, PCC, co-founder of Mind Market Consulting and president elect of ICF South Florida, will explore the competencies necessary to manage and embrace change through a coaching culture within your organization.

This interactive session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Recent research on the impact of change.
  • Identifying five key blocks to manager commitment to change.
  • Leading through a collaborative model for change.


Dr. Loubna Noureddin, Ed.D., PCC, Co-Founder, Mind Market Consulting
Dr. Loubna Noureddin’s expertise as an organizational development leader and executive coach has positioned her as a value-added resource for leaders in today’s unpredictable business environment. Her extensive career of over 20 years in leadership and culture effectiveness has been dedicated to preparing leaders and teams to create engaging and innovative cultures.

Loubna holds a doctorate in organizational leadership with an emphasis on change implementation and sustainability. She is known for her work with Harvard Business Mentor to design customized leadership development and succession training programs. She is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and certified master practitioner in neurolinguistic programming (NLP). She brings over 18 years of healthcare and academic experience in leadership and team facilitation.

Loubna’s passion for talent development has positioned her training programs in the Top 10 by Training Magazine, as well as BEST in class by the Association for Training & Development (ATD) and the American Healthcare Association. She partners with leaders to problem solve, identify the root cause, and distinguish solutions that are practical, measurable and sustainable.

Loubna is the co-founder of Mind Market Consulting and currently serves as president elect of ICF South Florida. Loubna lives in Miami with her husband and two girls. She has a dream of supporting 100+ orphans from Africa through college and career transitions.