Thursday, June 18 | 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. E.T.
In this interactive discussion, we will work together to gain information and share knowledge about how to keep trainers and learners engaged in the process of virtual training preparation and delivery. Your presenter, Loren Sanders – senior manager of enterprise learning and development in the Center of Excellence at CVS Health – will share her favorite tips, tricks and thoughts, as well as give participants an opportunity to share their own. Join this session to journey through the seemingly endless maze we call our new learning environment.

This interactive session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Knowing your audience, beyond the role, for pivoting purposes.
  • A recipe with all the ingredients for a great engagement experience.
  • Opportunity to learn from both the facilitator and session participants.



Loren Sanders Loren Sanders, Senior Manager of Enterprise Learning and Development, Center of Excellence, CVS Health
Loren Sanders is a synergist who focuses on building better teams and better outcomes. Her passion is leveraging knowledge and performance and connecting people to create solutions. She is motivational, inspirational and intuitive. Her approach consists of identifying goals and talents, isolating opportunities for growth, guiding people to realizations, and helping people create action plans for change.

Loren has a Bachelor of Science in community health from University of Illinois. She holds a Master of Business Administration in organizational behavior from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, where she also teaches strategic talent management, organizational communications and is the faculty senate lead for the HR Academic Discipline Committee. Loren is in her 13th year on the board of Northern Illinois Society for Human Resource Management. She is an active member of the National Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Loren is also senior manager of enterprise learning and development in the Center of Excellence at CVS Health where her team focuses on strategy, innovation, process, quality, measurement and video production.