Investing in early career talent through experiential rotational programs is an effective means of driving a learning mindset culture. With business environments characterized by constant, rapid and unpredictable change, new professionals need to be agile and flexible. By leveraging experiential learning approaches, individuals can engage with new challenges, master and apply skills across contexts, and build new schemas to broaden their perspective.

Join this TICE Virtual Conference session as Tiffany Poeppelman, global head of LinkedIn’s Business Leadership Program (BLP), shares her experiences leading an early career sales rotation program. Participants will explore how they can create cultures of learning in their organizations.

This interactive session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Present LinkedIn’s BLP as an example for creating cultures of learning development.
  • Describe a continuous learning mindset and ways to foster it within early career talent.
  • Create a learning mindset activity embed in the beginning stages of early career talent development.



Tiffany Poeppelman, Director, Business Leadership Program, LinkedIn
Tiffany Poeppelman is the global head of LinkedIn’s Business Leadership Program (BLP) and is driven by the opportunity to help shape and develop young professionals through onboarding, coaching and providing great business experiences. She leads her team to provide over 100 early career professionals annually the unique opportunity to learn effective selling strategies while also acting as a culture ambassador and mentor to young people in her field of industrial and organizational psychology. She has held key roles at some of the most disruptive companies in tech and has lived in three different countries across Europe and North America.