Delivering learning that meets the varying needs of individual learners is a challenge facing every learning department. With the influx of technology contributing to the rapidly changing needs and preferences of our learners, embracing change and adapting our methods is the path to success.

Join this TICE Virtual session to learn from the hits and misses in SAS Education’s journey to turn a plethora of delivery methods into a unified learning platform that flexes to the needs of the learner. Within the new SAS Virtual Learning Environment, a learning subscription was built that provides access to all digital learning assets. The platform is fully customizable including styling, content, delivery methods and messaging and integrates gamification, digital badging, video coaching and reporting. By providing learners with custom learning portals, SAS was able to meet the needs of each unique learner.

This interactive session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Open source tools that are available for content hosting and delivery (Moodle)
  • How a large company learned from successes and mistakes to build a learning portal
  • How to deliver learning that meets the needs of each customer
  • Tools that can be added to a learning platform to increase engagement


Jim Farrell, Director of Learning Design and Development, SAS
Jim Farrell is the director of learning design and development at SAS Institute, which he joined in 2015 as a senior e-learning manager. Previously, Jim was the director of technology services at Weejee Learning and was a member of many award-winning project teams. Prior to Weejee, he was a product manager at Questionmark. Jim has also been an instructional designer and e-learning developer, and he holds a master’s degree in educational technology leadership from George Washington University.