How do you leverage the innovative capacity of your workforce to identify and solve problems and innovate improved products and services? Developing the competence and capacity of your workforce positions them to solve your problems and chart the course of your organization, but building the processes and systems to do so is only half of the answer. Developing meaningful relationships with your people is the missing ingredient in most development programs and explains why they often fall far short of expectations.

Join us for this TICE Virtual Conference session. Your presenter, Thane Bellomo, a principal at CCS Performance, will talk about why the creation of a development culture is the most powerful competency your organization can master.

This interactive session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • How the creation of a development culture helps solve organizational challenges.
  • Why influencing is the most important skill you can develop to create a development culture in your organization.
  • Why training and process isn’t nearly enough to create a development culture.


Thane Bellomo Thane Bellomo, Principal, CCS Performance
Thane Bellomo has over 20 years of experience helping individuals, teams and organizations maximize their potential and optimize their results. He is an organizational development innovator, author and speaker working with Fortune 500 companies focusing specifically on culture optimization, organizational behaviors, reward systems and development.