Part One

Blame- and bullet-proofing your leadership training program requires deep thinking to uncover what you are trying to accomplish. In this session, Melia Abreu, learning and leadership professional, shares how her small team was given a limited budget and a huge task to create a leadership training program for front- to mid-line managers. You will learn how to define leadership behaviors that align with your values, design a leadership training program with leadership buy-in, and assess your program using new tools.

Join part one of this TICE Virtual Conference session as Melia discusses the approach and tools used to create an ADDIE-inspired leadership training program for front-line leaders focused on leadership performance. Expect to walk away with implementable tools and thought leadership to create your own leadership training program and bring value to your organization.

Part one of this interactive session will provide insights on:

  • Gaining leadership buy-in to define and support your program
  • Tools to design and develop a leadership training program
  • Ways to tell the story of value of your program

Part Two

“We trained them. Why aren’t they performing?” At best, most leadership training programs offer ways to assess value from soft metrics but lack the story of causality to show how hard metrics are aligned to robust business outcomes. Go beyond what you know of program assessment to design an assessment framework to bulletproof your leadership training program.

Join part two of this TICE Virtual Conference session as Melia discusses the assessment framework and tools used to assess a leadership training program. Expect to walk away with tools on assessing training satisfaction, recalling leadership concepts, and evaluating leadership performance according to a four-point evaluation and coaching tool.

Part two of this interactive session will provide insights on:

  • Designing an assessment framework for your leadership training program
  • An approach to assess training satisfaction aligned to course evaluations
  • How to design a leadership evaluation and coaching tool
  • Offering feedback to site supervisors on new leadership learning


Melia Abreu Melia Abreu, Content and E-learning Manager, FCH Enterprises, Inc
Melia Abreu is a passionate leadership and learning professional with over 22 years of experience designing people programs while supporting and coaching individuals to develop into their highest potential. As someone always growing more into the leader she wants to follow, Melia believes people are the greatest value of any organization and when organizations focus and invest in developing their people, success ultimately follows. Melia has worked in K-12 education, real estate, aviation and the food and beverage industries and can be contacted at