Thursday, June 18 | 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. E.T.
COVID-19 is making changes to remote work now, as well as in the future. Creating cohesion in your remote team requires tactical skills that embrace cultural awareness, conversation dynamics and artful respect. Together we will explore how to apply these strategies with attention and consistency. Your return on investment will be unity, commitment, engagement and productivity from your team and each of its members.

Three factors impact remote work: the reason, the situation and the work itself. To operate cohesively, remote workers need leaders’ attention and support. Working remotely may generate independence that impairs the team while preferable is individuality that promotes cohesive productivity. Understanding the three factors and the right set of skills promotes productivity by your individual workers and the teams they support.

During this session, Tim Wright – thought leader at Dell Tech – will explore remote work’s impact on teams and skills to build productivity both now and in the future.

This interactive session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • The circumstances of remote work and their impact on workers.
  • Skills to draw team members together productively.
  • Tips to help practice and apply skills consistently.



Tim Wright, Thought Leader and Consultant, Dell Technologies
A thought leader in workforce transformation, Tim Wright collaborates with stakeholders, leaders and team members to identify transformation strategies to build and expand digital mindedness across the workforce. Tim has offered such collaboration in functions such as telecommunications, information management, information technology, and healthcare providing tools and techniques to improve employee engagement and performance.

Tim’s career has ranged from teaching junior high school language arts to an executive role in a start-up communications company. In between, he’s served as a trainer, manager, director, vice president and even worked for himself. He honestly cannot say which he has enjoyed most.

Tim loves every step of his mediocre golf games. He writes poetry, a spiritual blog and keeps a 50-year-old journal. He fully believes in the integration of mind, body and spirit.