Thursday, October 15 | 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. E.T.

Modern workplaces require agility in learning, communication, functionality and performance to hit an evolving target. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become more relied upon for hitting evolving targets, allowing organizations to be more agile. While developments in AI are great achievements, many organizations have struggled to learn how to leverage it best with analytical professionals.

Coaching is a technique that naturally works in tandem with analytics to drive pivoting abilities focused on outcomes. It is an art form centered on asking the right questions to empower others to discover solutions and achieve success.

Lincoln Financial Group developed an approach to equip analytical professionals with a coaching skillset with a significant, measurable impact and predictability for replication.

In this session, speakers will share methods for teaching coaching skills in analytical populations and predictable variables to project impact on the organization. Participants will walk away with a broader understanding of how trainers can equip employees with techniques to improve their teams, personal skillset and organizational culture.

What you will learn:

  • Recognize how to leverage AI as a tool.
  • Learn how to deliver a coaching model for analytical professionals to create predictable outcomes.
  • Learn how to calibrate expectations for leaders and organizations who leverage AI.


Brian Rook, Director of Training Operations, Lincoln Financial Group
Brian Rook is the director of training for Lincoln Financial Group’s Retirement Plan Services Operations. He is responsible for the continuous development of retirement plan services professionals, focused on delivering positive outcomes through evolving demands.

Brian joined Lincoln in 2018 and has extensive experience in leadership and team development. He is an active researcher and publisher in leadership and has spoken at multiple international conferences. Prior to joining Lincoln, he worked in leadership positions for Parkview Health.

Brian received a doctorate in adult and occupational education from North Dakota State University. He was a signed musician for years and still plays occasionally. He lives in Fort Wayne with his wife and daughter.

Abbey Maidment, Training Consultant, Lincoln Financial Group
Abbey Maidment is a training consultant for Lincoln Financial Group’s Retirement Plan Services Operations. Her primary responsibility is working as a strategic partner to many leaders to assess training needs and opportunities within their teams and mobilizing the training team to meet those needs and deliver training in many mediums.

Abbey joined Lincoln in 2018 and has nearly 15 years of leadership experience, with more than six years focused specifically within training. She specializes in talent development through creative and engaging behavioral and corporate culture training that deepens understanding, encourages growth and accelerates adoption of business objectives.