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Past Virtual Conferences
May 27, 2021 | Blended Learning Experiences
Live at the Learning Lounge – An Enterprise-wide Blended Learning Solution

While implementing an enterprise-wide program utilizing blended learning has various challenges and dependencies, it can also be quite rewarding. This session will provide insights into a homegrown blended learning program through its continuous evolution over past two years and beyond.

Why Build a Culture of Learning?

As learning and development (L&D) leaders, we reinvented the ways we deliver learning and keep employees engaged, equipped and empowered to continuously grow – both personally and professionally. During this session you will gain insights on why, how and what you can do, as a learning leader, to accelerate a culture of learning in your organization.

How Blended Learning Increases Stickiness and Reduces Ramp Time

Pax8 has expanded its sales onboarding program from two weeks to four weeks by introducing blended learning components. That additional investment on the front-end has resulted in faster ramp times once new hires hit the sales floor. Learn the best ways to prepare new hires to be proficient and confident in their roles.

Making Training Smoothies: Blending Learning Methodologies Strategically

Blended learning can greatly impact your business and your learner’s experience. However, implementing a blended program takes a strategic approach. Learn how to blend your training program modalities into the perfect training smoothie for your organization.

Making Diversity and Inclusion Training Dynamic, Visible and Sustainable With Blended Learning

During this session you will learn unconventional ways to pair your online D&I training with other blended learning to make D&I come to life in your company’s culture.

February 25, 2021 | The Future of Great Training Organizations
Lead a Learning Strategy Like a Boss!

Learning and development (L&D) within the new virtual landscape has changed our focus, put pressure on learning leaders to rework their learning strategy. Understand why thinking strategically as a leader can save you time, money and boost your profile at your organization. Identify how you can be a top-notch, trusted advisor and align your learning strategy to critical needs.

Redefining Talent for Today’s Environment

Today’s environment is redefining talent and certain skills, such as managing paradox or creating meaning, and these skills are taking on unprecedented prominence. Explore how the pandemic, alongside social justice issues, are differentiating leaders, and how to leverage the moment to build talent for an uncertain future.

What Makes a Training Organization Great? Reflecting on 10 Years of Research

For over 10 years, Training Industry, Inc. has been gathering data from learning leaders across industries to answer the question, “What makes a training organization great?” We have identified eight key processes that, when optimized, produce consistently great training functions and learning solutions.

Elevating L&D from Provider to Partner: When To Say “Yes, and” and How To Say “No”

The learning and development (L&D) function is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the evolving workplace. Now more than ever before, elevating L&D as a trusted, strategic partner is essential for business success. Learn how you can take your L&D function from passive provider to influential partner.

October 15, 2020 | Engaging and Developing a Future-Ready Workforce
The Invisible Barriers to Leadership Success

Uncover some of the most popular invisible barriers that you and your organizational leaders may be experiencing. Attendees will leave this session armed with practical tools to identify and break through invisible barriers.

Talent Development’s Role in Upskilling and Reskilling for the Future

It’s time we, as learning leaders, start taking a more active role in creating engaging experiences through formal learning, action learning, coaching and formative experiences for our employees. Understand the role training and development has in recognizing talent, high-potential growth and leadership development.

Analytics and Coahing: Ahead of the AI Curve

Learn methods for teaching coaching skills in analytical populations and predictable variables to project impact on the organization. Walk away with a broader understanding of how trainers can equip employees with techniques to improve their teams, personal skillset and organizational culture.

How Providence’s Compliance Learning Engagement Scores Went from an F to a B+ and Saved Millions of Dollars

In this session, learn how to calculate and slash the cost of implementing training. You’ll gain an understanding of the differences between data, analytics and actionable analytics and the benefits of shifting to a learner-centric design.

Contribute to Employee Happiness

Watch this session to find out how the talent development function contributed to the successful turnaround of Sprinklr and how you can influence this kind of cultural change in your organization.

September 3, 2020 | Adapting Your L&D Strategy in the Face of Disruption
Learning in the Flow of the New Normal

Learn how Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina is creating an adaptive, personalized and digitized learning infrastructure that enables learning in the flow of the new normal to meet the needs of tomorrow’s workforce.

OODA and Agile: Changing the L&D Function for Changing Times

Learn how the OODA loop explains how agility can replace simply creating more training programs to manage organizational transformation; development efforts in response to risk, uncertainty and new rewards; and performance improvement challenges.

Must Have Drivers of L&D Strategy for Successful Business Transformation

This session will explore the critical elements of your company’s learning and development (L&D) transformation strategy and how to create a foundation for continuous and connected learning.

Ready. Set. Go! Don’t Let Disruption Slow You Down

Disruption breeds uncertainty. Without quick acceleration, you risk your strategy becoming irrelevant. Decide more quickly, choose just-in-time resources and communicate often.

ROI: Respect on Investment Maximizing Your Impact as a Training Organization

In this session, learn how to position training programs and content to maximize employee performance and improve stakeholder recognition and support. Stop justifying your activity and start demonstrating your value today.

June 18, 2020 | Understanding and Developing Your Remote Learners
Secrets of Leading Productive Remote Teams

As more companies shift their teams from the office to home, the need for effective strategies and techniques to encourage team cohesion and sustained productivity has risen. This session shares why virtual work is the future of work and why your company must be prepared.

VILT: Physically-Distanced Instructor-Led Training

This session shares experiences converting ILT to VILT for customers, as well as how the Sysmex team applies lessons learned when converting associate training to the virtual environment.

Alone Together: Next Gen Interactive Training Strategies

During this unique and engaging session, attendees get an inside view of ttraining programs for Amazon and Awty International School. Participants will explore these programs to discover useful, interactive strategies.

From In-Person Trainer to Talk Show Host: Channeling Your Inner Jimmy Fallon to Engage Learners in the Age of COVID 19

In this interactive discussion, participants work together to gain information and share knowledge about how to keep trainers and learners engaged in the process of virtual training preparation and delivery.

Build Your Remote Team’s Cohesion, Now and in the Future

During this session, Tim Wright – thought leader at Dell Tech – will explore remote work’s impact on teams and skills to build productivity both now and in the future.

April 30, 2020 | Building a Learning Culture to Boost Organizational Agility
Creating a Development Culture: Mastering Your Organization’s Most Powerful Competency

This session examines why the creation of a development culture is the most powerful competency your organization can master.

4 Ways Embracing Failure Creates a Culture of Learning

This session will help you understand what psychological safety – or lack thereof – looks like in an organization and identifies three types of failure and how they may impact your workplace.

Embedding a Culture of Learning through Early Career Rotation Programs

Tiffany Poeppelman, global head of LinkedIn’s Business Leadership Program (BLP), shares her experiences leading an early career sales rotation program. Participants explore how they can create cultures of learning in their organizations.

Learning in the Flow, Evaluation on the Go

Learning leaders are challenged to evaluate workers who learn in the flow and leverage different types of seemingly disparate data to tell a comprehensive learning measurement story. This session addresses evaluation tools and metrics for capturing the impact of learning in the flow.

March 26, 2020 | The Future of the Workforce
Raging a Revolution to Build the Future

The shape of the future workforce will be the result of complex, changing and competing forces with people at the center. This session examines the the challenges faced by learning organizations and the development of programs to counter the pervading skills shortage.

Coaching and Employee Development for the Remote Workforce

How do you develop meaningful relationships and hold impactful meetings with your employees who work in different locations? This session provides guidance on encouraging your remote workforce, developing their skills, celebrating their successes and creating an open dialogue without face-to-face interaction.

Creating the Workplace of the Future with Emotional Intelligence

As we move into an era that’s hyper-focused on mindfulness and self-awareness, the notion of unapproachable, money-driven leaders will become less common. This session sharese methods for leveraging EQ in the workplace.

Reskilling a White-collared Workforce in a World of Ever-changing Technology

Many job roles are increasingly required to incorporate advanced technical skills. How can companies adapt to prepare the future skills their companies may need? This session will offer insights on keeping your company competitive in an ever-changing technological environment.

Learning Ecosystems: building Adjacent, Embedded and Practice Learning

Corporate learning can add value by helping people get to the most effective information more quickly and focusing their attention on the information that best drives corporate goals. The session reviews how STANLEY Security built a learning ecosystem consisting of several disparate but interlocking components

November 7, 2019 | Coaching & Performance Management
Partnering on Performance through Internal Coaching Programs

Developing an internal coaching program offers substantial benefits for growth and development to any organization. However, those benefits can be hard to achieve at times due to common challenges. This session shares actionable tips for creating a strong internal coaching program that provides organizations measurable results.

Workplace Coaching: The Most Important Performance Enhancing ‘Tool’ in a Leader’s Toolbox

Leaders have the ability to transform their relationships with and get inspiring results from direct reports when coaching becomes integrated into everyday communication. This session shares the what, why and how of becoming a leader-coach while transforming traditional performance management practices in the process.

Developing a Sales Coaching Culture to Improve Sales and Employee Engagement

This session follows the experiences and lessons learned on a global sales training director’s journey to build and execute a sales coaching culture. The outcome resulted in overall improvement of coaching effectiveness scores significantly in one year’s time.

Internal Coaching Programs Demystified: Pitch It, Build It, Measure It

A growing number of organizations recognize the impact coaching can have on their workforce. The best way to maximize the value coaching can bring your organization is to build an internal coaching program. This session explores key strategies necessary to make the case for and build a successful internal coaching program.

Influencing Leaders to Promote Healthy Change in a Disruptive Environment

As many as 80% of leaders indicated their organizations were in a constant state of change. A coaching culture can give your organization the resilience it needs to manage change effectively. This session explores the competencies necessary to manage and embrace change through a coaching culture within your organization.

September 19, 2019 | Developing an L&D Blueprint
Use What’s in Your Hand? Establishing an L&D Plan with Lean Funding and Human Resources

Oftentimes, we are metaphorically challenged to quench the learning thirst of thousands with two fish and five loads of bread — or one L&D expert and a very limited budget. This session shares best practices for designing, developing and implementing an effective L&D strategy on a limited budget and with limited human resources.

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Revving Up the RFP Engine for an Online Training Vendor

Managing the request for proposal (RFP) process for a new online training vendor can be a series of daunting and overwhelming tasks. Learn how to navigate the RFP freeway, and managing the vendor relationship after you’ve awarded the contract.

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Using Personas for a More Personalized Learning Experience

This session explores the design of persona-based learning maps to support manager-employee development discussions. Employees in participating organizations are assigned a “learning persona” based on their role. Skills and learning activities are then varied based on the needs of different groups.

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Forming a Global L&D Team: What Nick Fury and the Avengers can Teach Us

Developing a learning and development (L&D) blueprint means aligning strategy, determining how you can best source and deliver training to your people, and supporting long-term development in your organization. Drawing upon examples from likely and unlikely sources, we’ll discuss how to design and build a winning L&D team.

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March 7, 2019 | Emerging Technologies in Corporate L&D
From AR to Gamification: How Modern Tech is Transforming L&D

With the future of work comes the need to continuously reskill and develop employees. This session shares the innovative ways businesses leverage technology and use game-based mechanics, aesthetics and game thinking to increase engagement and impact productivity.

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Custom Learning Portals for Every Learner

Learn from the hits and misses in SAS Education’s journey to turn a plethora of delivery methods into a unified learning platform that flexes to the needs of the learner. You will gain insights on how to deliver learning that meets the needs of each learner.

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Creating a Learning Ecosystem and Emerging Technologies

This session explains how to create a learning ecosystem and consider emerging technologies in corporate L&D.

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Using Immersive Technology in Training

In this interactive session, you will learn about some best practices for immersive training technologies that are easy to adopt, simple to use and have proven results. Come along for a journey of microlearning in role-based training, where we will explore storytelling and gamification inside compliance training.

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Rethinking Your Digital Authoring and Delivery Ecosystem

In today’s fast-changing landscape, a strategic, learner-focused plan for your authoring and delivery ecosystem is critical to your digital learning success. Come away with an easy-to-use framework for strategically planning your digital authoring and delivery ecosystem.

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November 1, 2018 | Leadership Training: The Driver of Organizational Performance
Maximize Development and Engagement for New and Advanced Leaders

Helping your new leaders grow into strategic thinkers and keeping them engaged alongside advanced leaders is a challenge facing many organizations as we welcome new generations into leadership positions. Learn how to maximize development for new leaders transitions through internal facilitation and mentoring.

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Tackling the Learning Tsunami for 2020 and Beyond: Leadership and Learning Ecosystems for the Modern Workforce

Hear insights and lessons learned on IBM’s Global Business Services’ journey towards creating a flexible learning ecosystem that supports leadership development, and the implications on L&D.

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Value Driven, Impact Focused: What Leaders can Learn from Nonprofits

Our employees are changing, and they don’t respond the same to learning anymore. They want new delivery methods, different learning opportunities and above all, they want the organization to be engaged in more than just profit. Here is where corporate L&D can learn from the world of nonprofits.

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The 3 M’s of 21st-Century Leadership: Managing, Mentoring and Millennials

This interactive and fun workshop reviews the basic tenets of what good management is, and how to be effective while dealing with a constantly changing work environment.

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Bullet- and Blame- Proofing Your Leadership Training Program

Learn how to define leadership behaviors that align with your values, design a leadership training program with leadership buy-in, and assess your program using new tools.

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February 22, 2018 | Metrics Matter: A Focus on Strategic Planning, Analytics and Alignment

Exciting Things Happen When Learners Take the Lead

What does data-driven learning really mean to the learners and what happens when they are empowered to take the lead in learning strategy and execution?

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Decoding Learner Digital Body Language: What our learners’ actions tell us

Learn practical ways to use data you already have access to in ways to uncover valuable insights and make decisions with better results, increased engagements, and save your content from the digital dustbin.

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Strategic Partnerships: Ensuring Business Alignment

Learn stakeholder management tactics to ensure the right partnerships with an emphasis on how measurement will support executive engagements and gaining buy-in.

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Learn IBM’s Secrets: How can digital badges improve your training metrics?

This session will show you how IBM has transformed its certification program with digital badges, leading to a dramatic improvement in nearly every metric.

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Intersection Between Learning Measurement and Soft Skills Programming (EQ)

Explore the challenges of measuring soft skills training, discuss how soft skills impact the business performance and strategies, and the various approaches that can be used to measure the program(s).

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September 21, 2017 | Learning Technology: Challenges and Opportunities for Business Growth

Accelerating Learning at the Speed of Business

Prioritize learning initiatives for the business, support the adult learner in the digital age, and innovate the future of corporate learning.

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Driving Sales Performance in the Digital Economy with Intelligent Applications

To adapt to today’s realities, sales organizations are leveraging intelligent applications to enable better decision-making, automate enablement processes, engage customers and generate more revenue.

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Somewhere in the Middle: Using technology to help employees learn and do things differently in the offline and online worlds

Navigate how to give employees across the globe quality learning experiences through the integration of technology and new blended designs and delivery methods.

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To Be or Not Be Training? That is the Question.

Determine the root cause of a business issue and potentially divert what looked like a training issue to the true source, saving you time, effort and expense.

View Presentation Materials – A Sweet Implementation Success

Learn how one company went from a 50-step learning management process to a simple 3-5 step process for both enterprise-wide compliance training and custom learning for functional and regional groups.

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TICE Virtual Conference is valid for 5 PDCs for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP, and fulfills 5 CPTM recertification credit hours.