TICE Virtual Conference: Developing an L&D Blueprint

Whether a structured department or a team of one, a rock star learning and development (L&D) team serves as a strategic advisor to their organization. A crucial aspect of the role of learning leaders is the ability to develop an L&D plan that builds employee capabilities to support organizational goals while fostering a positive culture for talent development and retention. This already daunting task is made more complex by the L&D function’s need to evolve in order to adapt to the changing needs of the workplace. So, where do you start and what are the key components of a strong L&D plan?

Join this TICE Virtual Conference, sponsored by Southern New Hampshire University, to discover the various factors to consider when developing an L&D plan for your organization. This half-day event aims to equip you with strategies you can use to:

  • Align your L&D plan to your organization’s goals
  • Identify internal and external resources to help you achieve your plan
  • Engage employees and appeal to the modern learner
  • Identify the skillsets you need to build a world-class training team

Join one or all four sessions to learn from experienced L&D leaders who have been instrumental in developing successful L&D plans in their organizations.




All times eastern.

12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Use What’s in Your Hand? Establishing an L&D Plan with Lean Funding and Human Resources
Dr. Kristal Walker, Principal Consultant, 3C’s Training Group, LLC

1:00 – 2:00 p.m.
Revving Up the RFP Engine for an Online Training Vendor
Greg Rider, Director of Corporate Compliance, EmblemHealth

2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Using Personas for a More Personalized Learning Experience
Jeremy Kestler, Learning Strategy Consultant and Internal Coach, SAP

3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Forming a Global L&D Team: What Nick Fury and the Avengers can Teach Us
Scott Farley, General Manager of Human Resources, Komatsu


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Past TICE Virtual Conferences
March 7, 2019 | Emerging Technologies in Corporate L&D
From AR to Gamification: How Modern Tech is Transforming L&D

With the future of work comes the need to continuously reskill and develop employees. This session shares the innovative ways businesses leverage technology and use game-based mechanics, aesthetics and game thinking to increase engagement and impact productivity.

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Custom Learning Portals for Every Learner

Learn from the hits and misses in SAS Education’s journey to turn a plethora of delivery methods into a unified learning platform that flexes to the needs of the learner. You will gain insights on how to deliver learning that meets the needs of each learner.

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Creating a Learning Ecosystem and Emerging Technologies

This session explains how to create a learning ecosystem and consider emerging technologies in corporate L&D.

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Using Immersive Technology in Training

In this interactive session, you will learn about some best practices for immersive training technologies that are easy to adopt, simple to use and have proven results. Come along for a journey of microlearning in role-based training, where we will explore storytelling and gamification inside compliance training.

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Rethinking Your Digital Authoring and Delivery Ecosystem

In today’s fast-changing landscape, a strategic, learner-focused plan for your authoring and delivery ecosystem is critical to your digital learning success. Come away with an easy-to-use framework for strategically planning your digital authoring and delivery ecosystem.

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November 1, 2018 | Leadership Training: The Driver of Organizational Performance
Maximize Development and Engagement for New and Advanced Leaders

Helping your new leaders grow into strategic thinkers and keeping them engaged alongside advanced leaders is a challenge facing many organizations as we welcome new generations into leadership positions. Learn how to maximize development for new leaders transitions through internal facilitation and mentoring.

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Tackling the Learning Tsunami for 2020 and Beyond: Leadership and Learning Ecosystems for the Modern Workforce

Hear insights and lessons learned on IBM’s Global Business Services’ journey towards creating a flexible learning ecosystem that supports leadership development, and the implications on L&D.

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Value Driven, Impact Focused: What Leaders can Learn from Nonprofits

Our employees are changing, and they don’t respond the same to learning anymore. They want new delivery methods, different learning opportunities and above all, they want the organization to be engaged in more than just profit. Here is where corporate L&D can learn from the world of nonprofits.

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The 3 M’s of 21st-Century Leadership: Managing, Mentoring and Millennials

This interactive and fun workshop reviews the basic tenets of what good management is, and how to be effective while dealing with a constantly changing work environment.

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Bullet- and Blame- Proofing Your Leadership Training Program

Learn how to define leadership behaviors that align with your values, design a leadership training program with leadership buy-in, and assess your program using new tools.

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February 22, 2018 | Metrics Matter: A Focus on Strategic Planning, Analytics and Alignment

Exciting Things Happen When Learners Take the Lead

What does data-driven learning really mean to the learners and what happens when they are empowered to take the lead in learning strategy and execution?

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Decoding Learner Digital Body Language: What our learners’ actions tell us

Learn practical ways to use data you already have access to in ways to uncover valuable insights and make decisions with better results, increased engagements, and save your content from the digital dustbin.

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Strategic Partnerships: Ensuring Business Alignment

Learn stakeholder management tactics to ensure the right partnerships with an emphasis on how measurement will support executive engagements and gaining buy-in.

Presentation slides are unavailable for this session.

Learn IBM’s Secrets: How can digital badges improve your training metrics?

This session will show you how IBM has transformed its certification program with digital badges, leading to a dramatic improvement in nearly every metric.

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Intersection Between Learning Measurement and Soft Skills Programming (EQ)

Explore the challenges of measuring soft skills training, discuss how soft skills impact the business performance and strategies, and the various approaches that can be used to measure the program(s).

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September 21, 2017 | Learning Technology: Challenges and Opportunities for Business Growth

Accelerating Learning at the Speed of Business

Prioritize learning initiatives for the business, support the adult learner in the digital age, and innovate the future of corporate learning.

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Driving Sales Performance in the Digital Economy with Intelligent Applications

To adapt to today’s realities, sales organizations are leveraging intelligent applications to enable better decision-making, automate enablement processes, engage customers and generate more revenue.

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Somewhere in the Middle: Using technology to help employees learn and do things differently in the offline and online worlds

Navigate how to give employees across the globe quality learning experiences through the integration of technology and new blended designs and delivery methods.

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To Be or Not Be Training? That is the Question.

Determine the root cause of a business issue and potentially divert what looked like a training issue to the true source, saving you time, effort and expense.

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Learning.Hersheys.com – A Sweet Implementation Success

Learn how one company went from a 50-step learning management process to a simple 3-5 step process for both enterprise-wide compliance training and custom learning for functional and regional groups.

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TICE Virtual Conference is valid for 5 PDCs for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP, and fulfills 5 CPTM recertification credit hours.