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Like many companies, Chevron has been exploring how to give its employees across the globe quality learning experiences through the integration of technology and new blended designs and delivery methods. This move from offline to online learning is not an easy journey and is often a bumpy one. In the end, it is about finding out what learning experiences and resources are most useful to your employees and how they contribute to effective learning that can be applied on the job. In this session, Mark Veary tells the recent story of how Chevron has tried to navigate this offline to online terrain and how they have found themselves somewhere in the middle of things.


Mark Veary, Manager of Technical Learning Solutions, Chevron Corporation
Mark Veary is the manager of technical learning solutions and design for Enterprise Technical Learning and leads a team of Learning Solutions Specialists responsible for the development of learning deliverables for Chevron’s petro-technical community. Mark has been working in the L&D world for over 15 years. For 10 years, has worked for Chevron where he has had the opportunity to work in many parts of the Chevron World in organizational and L&D roles in business units and corporate service companies. Before working in the energy sector, Mark worked for 25 years in the UK National Health Service as a registered nurse, clinical educator and organizational development consultant.

Mark has a master of arts degree in organizational behavior and change management and is currently a doctoral student exploring autonomous learning in the workplace. His most recent achievement was becoming a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personal Development.