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Content Library

At the 2019 Training Industry Conference & Expo, you will learn from over 50 learning leaders who are making an impact in their organizations and across the entire training industry. Meet some of the 2019 TICE presenters through the following articles, webinars, blog posts and podcast contributions.

Content Development
Effective Instructor-Led Training Approaches in a Squirrel-chasing World
Loren Sanders, CVS

Badges as Signifiers, Not Goals
Dr. Phil Holmes and Greg Garner, Rho, Inc.

How Branding and Marketing Can Transform Learning & Development
Marjorie Van Roon, CPTM, Best Buy Canada

Data and Measurement
Measure to Improve
Chris Cassell, CPTM, Align Technology

Enhancing On-the-Job Training from a Checklist to a Performance Evaluation Form
Joel Kosanke and Trent Bartholomew, CPTM, Amtrak

The Real ROI: How Business Leaders Evaluate Learning Investments
Ajay M. Pangarkar, CentralKnowledge

Think Beyond the Bubble Sheet to Tell Your Learning Story
Megan Bell, MBM, PMP, BlueCross BlueShield

4 Factors that Enhance Leaders Ability to Influence
Ben Weber, Vendor Resource Management

Create Leadership Development that Lasts in 2019
Scott Bohannon, AchieveForum

HiPo Hiccups: Implementing Multi-Level Leadership Development Initiatives
Dr. Kristal Walker, Guitar Center

Pass Go and Collect Results: Using Gamification for Leadership Development
Adelle J. Dantzler, M.S.Ed., Dantzler Career Solutions

Learning Technologies
We Don’t All Need to Become Coders
Scott Hartley, Venture Capitalist and Best-Selling Author

Podcast: Developing a Learning Ecosystem for the Technical Workforce
Featuring Vidya Krishnan, Ericsson

Webinar: Custom Learning Portals for Every Learner
Jim Farrell, SAS

How Digital Transformation is Disrupting Learning
Shelley Osborne, Udemy

Webinar: From AR to Gamification: How Modern Tech is Transforming L&D
Shelley Osborne, Udemy

Gamification in Learning: What Not to Do
Juliette Denny, Growth Engineering

Strategic Alignment
Personalized Learning for a Global Workforce
An Interview with Katie Nielson, Voxy

Webinar: A Spotlight on Your Professional Development
Marjorie Van Roon, CPTM, Best Buy Canada; Kenneth Baucum, CPTM, SageNet Inc.; Deadra Welcome, CPTM, Concerning Learning LLC

How T&D Champions Robust Succession Plans
Loren Sanders, CVS

A Seat at the Table
Lisa Hutcherson, CPTM, First Federal Bank

Embracing Lifelong Learning
Dr. Kristal Walker, Guitar Center

Rehumanizing the Workplace: A Call to All Training Professionals
Kris Girrell, Innerworks Consulting, LLC

Workforce Development

Why Soft Skills Win in an Automated World
Scott Hartley, Venture Capitalist and Best-Selling Author