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In our hyperconnected world, sales organizations must be able to rapidly innovate, harness exploding data volumes and serve the segment of one. To adapt to today’s realities, sales organizations are leveraging intelligent applications to enable better decision-making, automate enablement processes, engage customers and generate more revenue. Intelligent or machine learning applications can significantly reduce business process time and cost, enabling capabilities such as real-time coaching, dynamic learning content generation and prescriptive learning. According to Gartner, by 2018, over 50 percent of large organizations globally will compete using advanced analytics and proprietary algorithms. Gain an SAP insider’s perspective into the key business benefits and challenges of intelligent applications, examples of intelligent applications in development, and key strategies to ensure implementation success. Leave the session with strategies you can immediately implement to accelerate your digital sales transformation.


Christine Shaw, Senior Director of Solution Accreditation, SAP Sales Learning
Christine Shaw serves as Senior Director of Solution Accreditation within the SAP Sales Learning organization. In this role, Christine drives SAP sales certification strategy, governance and innovation. With a customer-centric focus, the SAP sales certification approach leverages innovative digital learning technologies to scale SAP’s best-in-class enablement programs and accelerate time-to-certification. Christine is passionate about the democratization of enterprise learning.
Kelly Rider, Vice President Learning and Content Strategy, SAP
Kelly Rider is a VP in the SAP learning and development organization and is responsible for setting the overall learning content strategy and experience for SAP’s 80,000 employees.
Kelly is passionate about finding ways to make learning something that is done for people rather than something that is done to them. In her current role, she oversees the three key areas in the central learning organization: content governance (how items are designed, developed and retired), curriculum and instructional design standards and process, and learner experience.
Previously, Kelly led the curriculum and instructional design for the Learning Center of Excellence at SAP and curriculum manager at SuccessFactors, including pre-sales and sales enablement. Prior to SuccessFactors, Kelly was a curriculum design manager at HP and senior instructional designer at Intellinex.
Kelly earned her master’s in education with an emphasis in instructional design and adult learning from the University of Colorado at Denver. A retired collegiate soccer player, Kelly lives in the Denver area with her husband and two active boys.
Malte Bong-Schmidt, Head of Virtual Learning, SAP
Malte Bong-Schmidt has close to 20 years of experience in consulting, channel sales, sales operations and enablement. For the past five years, he has led the virtual learning strategy and VLC program within SAP sales learning as senior director. Malte is passionate about driving new ideas, initiatives and innovations into tangible results and loves to see how those ideas are leveraged and lived by those he works with.
Over the years, Malte driven the virtual learning agenda at SAP, starting with a small and impactful webinar series to addressing the skill and competency learning needs of the 21st-century sales force with one of the largest virtual learning programs of its kind. With over 1,000 learning events per year and tight integration with corporate goals, go-to-market strategy and people agenda, the virtual learning program also is an anchor point for many blended learning programs, making a vast contribution to the objective of transformational learning in SAP.